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When Can I File Taxes in 2019? - IRS Tax Season 2019 Start Date

When Can I File Taxes?

When Can I File Taxes in 2022?

We get the question a lot “When Can I File Taxes in 2022?” We have the answer!

The IRS typically has all forms available January 5th, but sometimes earlier. In 2012, we were able to efile on January 2nd. Technically if forms were available, you could file as early as January 1st, 2019. This is extremely unlikely though, due to any legislature going on towards the end of the year. Most states have their forms available as early as January 5th also, sometimes a few days later depending on the state. This is our best answer for “When Can I File Taxes in 2019?”

When Can I File Taxes in 2018?

As a reminder, the IRS recommends filing early, but filing early is no guarantee of an early refund. There are many factors that go into getting your tax refund back such as your personal tax situation, how you file(efile or paper), your efile provider(such as HRBlock or TurboTax), IRS fraud procedures, and the tax forms you file.

Could my 2021 tax return be delayed?

Possibly. The IRS also has new fraud procedures that will take affect in 2019 to save millions due to tax fraud. These procedures might delay your IRS tax refund slightly.

If I file early, how do I track my 2019 tax refund? Use IRS Where’s My Refund to track your tax refund.