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wheres my refund

Are you stuck on your refund is still being processed? Here’s why.

Posted by admin on January 26, 2017
Where's My Refund / Comments Off on Are you stuck on your refund is still being processed? Here’s why.

Are you stuck on your refund is still being processed? Here’s why.

As of January 26th, 2017, there has been no changes in Where’s My Refund. Everyone who was accepted in between now and January 13th, 2017 is still in the accepted(or processing) phase. The IRS have yet to update Where’s My Refund for 2017 Direct Deposit Dates, other than the system message once your tax return passes all the tests. Now is not the time to be concerned. We will reported as soon as any 2017 Direct Deposit Dates are issued. All taxpayers who were accepted are stuck on your refund is still being processed right now. Continue reading…

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Many Taxpayers Recently Hacked

Posted by admin on February 10, 2016
IRS / Comments Off on Many Taxpayers Recently Hacked

Many Taxpayers Recently Hacked on IRS.gov Where’s My Refund website.

The IRS reports that on February 9th, 2016, there Where’s My Refund had 1000s of attempts to view taxpayer information in an effort to hack many taxpayers.

Full story:

The IRS recently identified and halted an automated attack upon its Electronic Filing PIN application on IRS.gov. Using personal data stolen elsewhere outside the IRS, identity thieves used malware in an attempt to generate E-file PINs for stolen social security numbers. An E-file pin is used in some instances to electronically file a tax return.

No personal taxpayer data was compromised or disclosed by IRS systems. The IRS also is taking immediate steps to notify affected taxpayers by mail that their personal information was used in an attempt to access the IRS application.  The IRS is also protecting their accounts by marking them to protect against tax-related identity theft.

IRS cybersecurity experts are currently assessing the situation, and the IRS is working closely with other agencies and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. The IRS also is sharing information with its Security Summit state and industry partners.

Based on our review, we identified unauthorized attempts involving approximately 464,000 unique SSNs, of which 101,000 SSNs were used to successfully access an E-file PIN.

The incident, involving an automated bot, occurred last month, and the IRS continues to closely monitor the web application.

This incident is not connected or related to last week’s outage of IRS tax processing systems.

Source: IRS.gov

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IRS Tax Season 2016 off to slow start for many

Posted by admin on February 05, 2016
Income Tax, IRS, Tax Refund, Where's My Refund / Comments Off on IRS Tax Season 2016 off to slow start for many

IRS Tax Season 2016 off to slow start for many

IRS still a bit behind on tax refunds to date(one week or more for some). We are reevaluating our expected Refund Date being today(February 5th, 2016.) We know many of you have yet to see a change in your refund status.
We contacted the IRS yesterday and were told that many who filed last month will not see tax refunds until next week due to new fraud protections in place.

We will let everyone know once we have solid proof of a payout date for some January filers.

Keep watching our website for the latest IRS updates and news. Click here for more information.

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Direct Deposit Dates now set for many who filed early

Posted by admin on January 27, 2016
Where's My Refund / Comments Off on Direct Deposit Dates now set for many who filed early

Direct Deposit Dates now set for many who filed early

The IRS updated Where’s My Refund last night for many early taxpayers. Many taxpayers awoke to find that they had a direct deposit date set in Where’s My Refund. The date is January 29th, 2016 and it is for those who filed early this year during the testing phase.

The IRS always accepts early filers to allow them to test all of their software before the official start. Full story(with images) here.


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I.R.S. Where’s My Refund updated

Posted by TaxGuy on February 02, 2014
Income Tax, IRS, refund schedules, Tax Planning, Tax Refund / 131 Comments

I.R.S. have finally updated their Where’s My Refund tool. They will be unloading millions of dollars over the next few days to taxpayers.

We have received news that the I.R.S. updated their Where’s My Refund webpage last night at 12 A.M.. Thousands of people have their Direct Deposit date sets to “on or before February 6th, 2014”. This means that the February 5th payout date is still correct. They will send the funds to the bank on Monday and the funds will be set to be direct deposited on Wednesday February 5th 2014. This will give your bank time to handle the huge load of all of the transfer they receive of millions of dollars over a day period.

I.R.S. release millions of dollars to tax payersPlease check the I.R.S. Where’s My Refund webpage and then be watching your bank account for the direct deposit. We strive to keep our schedule as accurate as possible and hope that you have enjoyed reading.

We are compiling a list of refund dates for 2014, so please visit this post and comment when you were accepted versus when you actually received your refund. Please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, tell your friends about us.

Thank you.

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