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Are you worried about an IRS audit?

Posted by admin on December 16, 2015
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Are you worried about an IRS audit?

You most likely shouldn’t be, the odds are in your favor.¬†Uplifting news for people who don’t savor the thought of being Audited by the IRS Audit Rates have Dropped to embarrassingly Low Levels. All the more uplifting news: the length of the GOP controls the House of Representatives, this circumstance is unrealistic to change.

Republicans are chafed at the IRS for Discriminating against Conservative Organizations that were Applying for Tax-Exempt Status and after that attempting (rather effectively) to cover it up. Thus, the IRS Budget has been Cut to the point where the Agency says its Audit capacities have been altogether weakened. I question this case, regardless of the possibility that genuine, will make numerous tears be shed by Taxpayers. Regardless, the latest Audit Statistics can be found in the 2014 IRS Data Book, which covers Audit Activity in the Government’s Fiscal Year That Ended Sept. 30, 2014. Continue reading…

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